Welcome to Shyam Sweets

Shyam Sweets has been catering to the Indian sweet tooth since 1910. The family venture thrives on the rich culinary experience of their six generations.

Shyam Sweets has long been a faucet, sprinkling down the perfect blend of authentic food, culture, heritage and traditions for the sole purpose of satiating the teasing guts and craving tongues. It was established by Babu Ramji, who was the great-great-grandfather of the present owners, Sanjay and Ajay Aggarwal. In its early days, this historic outlet, used to sell delicacies like Soan Halwa and Balushahi laced with the aroma and flavour, digging & delving into old historic origins of Delhi. A custom which extends to even this day... Their generous spectrum of flavours spans from their very famous crispy Kachauri to the spicy yet irresistible Aloo Lachha. From sweet Moong Daal Halwa to pleasing Malai-topped Lassi and healthy and sugar free delights! Shyam Sweets has been the go-to breakfast joint of the city for well over a century, the glory owed to their oddball savory-sweet pairings of Bedmi Aloo and Nagori Halwa, two distinct dishes eaten together. Nagori (a joint term for 'Nag'(jewel) and 'Puri'), is a small, crispy and crumbly puri paired with Suji Halwa and Aloo Sabzi, which attracts dozens of drooling guests to their counter every morning.